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Международный симпозиум по движениям глаз Ярбус-100

01/09/2014 - 05/09/2014

С 1 по 5 сентября 2014 года пройдет Международный симпозиум по движениям  глаз Ярбус-100,  посвященный 100-летию со дня рождения Альфреда Ярбуса (1914-1986) – пионера в области исследования движений глаз. Симпозиум пройдет в рамках ежегодной школы-конференции молодых ученых ИППИ РАН – Информационные технологии и системы-2014 (ИТиС’14) в БЦ «Волга», расположенном на берегу реки Волги в 15 километрах от Нижнего Новгорода.

Прием тезисов и статей завершен, но регистрация еще открыта. Стоимость участия: 25 тыс. рублей.

Сайт симпозиума: http://www.iitp.ru/ru/news/1254.htm

Главные темы симпозиума:

  • концепция Ярбуса о восприятии изображений, неподвижных относительно сетчатки;
  • движения глаз (фиксации и саккады);
  • движения глаз в зрительном процессе: общая роль, зрительное внимание, восприятие цвета;
  • зрительные иллюзии, возникающие из-за движений глаз;
  • движение глаз в диагностике ухудшения зрения;
  • движения глаз в междисциплинарных исследованиях: психология, педагогика, маркетинг, криминалистика и т.д.

Информационное письмо 1 (смотреть .pdf)
The Yarbus-100 Organizing Committee is pleased to present the latest up-to-date information on the Yarbus-100 Symposium

Important notes

  • To be included in the Scientific Program, please submit a short report (up to 4000 words, including summary up to 150 words, but subtracting 400 words from the word limit per each figure or table included) or abstract (up to 400 words);
  • To be included in the Schedule of Master Classes or Evening Entertainment Sessions, please provide description of scientific content and of the presentation equipment you need;
  • Despite its conjunction with Young Scientists’ School and Conference of the IITP (ITaS), the Yarbus-100 Symposium has no age restrictions for its participants!
  • More detailed information will be posted in a week on the IITP web site (English version is in development): http://itas2014.iitp.ru/?q=en

Important dates

  • March, 10: Deadline for short report/abstract submission
  • April, 15: Decisions will be made
  • May, 1: Deadline for early payment (24 000 roubles)
  • August, 31: Departure from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod by bus

Invited lectures

  • Prof. Nicholas Wade “How were eye movements recorded before Yarbus?”
  • Dr. Susana Martinez-Conde “From exploration to fixation: an integrative view of Yarbus’s vision”
  • Dr. Martin Rolfs “Shifting attention for active vision, then and now”
  • Prof. Artem Belopolsky “Spatiotopic target-distractor competition in the oculomotor system”

Master Classes (as of Feb 1, 2014)

  • Neurobotics (SMI) class on attention and emotion recognition.
  • Alexander Zhegallo (Moscow State University of Psychology & Education) class on eye tracking data (both raw and processed) analysis.
  • IITP RAS class on characteristics of fixation micro movements (dependence on visual task and viewing conditions).

We are looking forward to welcoming you and/or your colleagues at the symposium Yarbus-100 and the conference ITaS’14. We strongly urge you to fill the registration form to indicate your participation as soon as possible, if you have not yet done so: http://tinyurl.com/lnn8ryd
For any questions and suggestions please contact Andrey Bolshakov at:


Информационное письмо 2 (смотреть .pdf)

To celebrate the centennial of Alfred Yarbus (1914-1986), the world renowned scientist in the field of eye movement research, we are glad to announce the International Symposium on the Role of Eye Movements in Vision – Yarbus-100.

The symposium will be held on September 1-5, 2014, at the Volga country resort on the Volga river near Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, during the annual Young Scientists’ School and Conference of the IITP RAS (Kharkevich Institute) Information Technologies and Systems-2014 (ITaS’14) (http://iitp.ru/en/conferences/itas).

Contributions to the symposium are invited in the form of lectures, talks, posters, and remote participation, and should cover progress in fundamental and applied research on eye movements according to the following non-exhaustive list of main topics:

  • perception of stabilized retinal images: Yarbus’ ideas and contemporary concepts;
  • fixation and saccadic eye movements;
  • eye movements in vision: general role, visual attention, perception of colour;
  • visual illusions related to eye movements;
  • eye movements in diagnostics of visual impairments;
  • eye movements in multidisciplinary research: psychology, pedagogy, marketing, forensic science, etc.

The symposium will also include several satellite events:

  • Exhibition dedicated to the life and work of A. Yarbus.
  • Master Classes in the form of blitz investigations with participation of the top eye tracker manufacturers.
  • Evening Entertainment Sessions with demonstrations of paradoxical visual effects and illusions.
  • Sightseeing Tour over Nizhny Novgorod (one of the largest cities in Russia founded in 1221, birthplace of Nikolai Lobachevsky, Vladimir Steklov, Maxim Gorky, place of exile of Andrei Sakharov).

We are looking forward to welcoming you and/or your colleagues at the symposium Yarbus-100 and the conference ITaS’14. The cost of full participation, including a round bus trip from Moscow, registration fee, accommodation with full board, and banquet, is about 25 000 roubles (less than $ 800). Please indicate your potential participation as soon as possible by filling the following form: http://tinyurl.com/lnn8ryd
For any questions and suggestions please contact Andrey Bolshakov at:


Изображение с сайта симпозиума: http://www.iitp.ru/ru/news/1254.htm


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Место проведения

БЦ «Волга»
Нижегородская обл., Балахнинский р-н, пос. Лукино, 31-й км автотрассы "Нижний Новгород-Иваново", Лукинское лесничество, квартал 9 Russian Federation + Карта Google
+7 831 463 8 777


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