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Лекции Джереми Вольфа в Петербурге и Москве

24/10/201417:30 - 28/10/201420:00

В октябре в России прошли три лекции Джереми Вольфа (одна в Петербурге и две в Москве).

Лектор: Jeremy M. Wolfe, PhD, Professor of Ophthalmology & Radiology, Harvard Medical School; Director of Visual Attention Lab, Center for Advanced Medical Imaging (Radiology)

Видео Петербургской лекции:


Презентация Петербургской лекции:



Анонс лекции «Dancing chickens and gorillas in the lung: If I can see so much, why do I miss so much?»

When you open your eyes on a new scene, you immediately see something. You can understand the basic ‘gist’ of that scene within a fraction of a second. You can remember that seen for days after a just a few seconds exposure. Nevertheless, we can easily show that you are ‘blind’ or at least remarkably amnesic about very basic aspects of what you have just seen. I will attempt to explain this seemingly contradictory collection of abilities and limits. Moreover, I will discuss the impact of these aspects of normal human vision and attention on important tasks like airport security and cancer screening.

Анонс лекции «Hybrid Search: How long-term memories interact with visual search»

In a typical visual search task, you look for a target item amongst some non-target, distractor items. In the real world, however, you often look for more than one thing at one time. In the supermarket, you might be holding a shopping list of 10 items in your memory. We will call this combination of visual search and memory search “hybrid search”. In a basic hybrid search task in the lab, our Observers memorized 1-100 specific objects and searched for them in visual displays of 1-16 objects. Reaction Time (RT) was a linear function of the visual set size. RT is not a linear function of the memory set size. Rather, RT increases linearly with the log of the number of items in memory. Those experiments were done with specific examples of specific items: This cat in this position. What happens if you are looking for categories of items (e.g. Find animals, coins, and boats)? Can you hold more than one list at a time (e.g. Look for carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes in the vegetable section and sugar, salt, & pepper in the spice section)? By answering questions like these, the hybrid search paradigm gives us new insights into the interaction of memory and visual attention in complex tasks.


24 октября, в Петербурге, «Dancing chickens and gorillas in the lung: If I can see so much, why do I miss so much?» в рамках семинара «Великая иллюзия сознания — 4», на английском языке с последовательным переводом. Начало в 17:30. Адрес: факультет психологии СПбГУ, наб. Макарова, д. 6, ауд. 213 (второй этаж, напротив лестницы). Для входа нужно иметь с собой паспорт или другой документ, удостоверяющий личность.

27 октября , в Мокве, «Dancing chickens and gorillas in the lung: If I can see so much, why do I miss so much?»; 28 октября, в Москве  «Hybrid Search: How long-term memories interact with visual search». Лекции организованы Департаментом психологии НИУ ВШЭ. Начало в 18:30. Адрес: ул. Мясницкая, д. 20, ауд. 116. Если Вы желаете посетить лекции, но у Вас нет пропуска в здание НИУ ВШЭ, напишите Юлии Стакиной по адресу: Страница лекций: http://vk.com/psyhse?w=wall-36286006_1203


24/10/2014 17:30
28/10/2014 20:00
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