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24th Annual Workshop on Object Perception, Attention, and Memory (OPAM 2016)


17 ноября в Бостоне пройдёт  24th Annual Workshop on Object Perception, Attention, and Memory (OPAM 2016), посвящённый восприятию, зрительным вниманию и памяти и ориентированный в первую очередь на молодых исследователей — студентов, аспирантов и постдоков. Воркшоп аффилирован с Psychonomic Society и проходит прямо перед ежегодной встречей общества в том же отеле.

Окончание приёма статей: 15 июля 2016. Материалы публикуются в Visual Cognition. Будут разыграны призы  за лучшую статью (300 долларов) и лучший постер (200 долларов). Также будут разыграны два тревел-гранта по 250 долларов.

Сайт воркшопа: http://www.opam.net/
Группа: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603991869879972/

Место проведения: Sheraton Boston Hotel, 39 Dalton Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Ключевой спикер: Dr. Mary Peterson, University of Arizona, Visual Perception Lab.


Информационное письмо

*Online submissions are now open and will be accepted until July 15th, 2016!*

* Abstracts can be submitted at the website: http://www.opam.net/
* Registration will open soon!

* Details on abstract guidelines, travel awards, conference location, and more can be found on the website

* Join the OPAM Group on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603991869879972/

The OPAM conference is dedicated to issues in object perception, visual attention, and visual memory. OPAM is a forum primarily for scientists early in their careers (see infographic at http://www.opam.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/opaminfographic2016.jpg), such as graduate students or post-docs who do not yet have the opportunity to present at the Psychonomic Society meeting. It provides an excellent opportunity to present research to a large audience mainly drawn from the Psychonomics community. The conference embraces a diversity of approaches, including psychophysics, eye-tracking, and neuroimaging. Talks are published as short conference papers in Visual Cognition, promoting the rapid dissemination of high-quality work to the academic community.

OPAM will take place immediately before the Psychonomic Society meeting and at the same hotel.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the community in presenting at OPAM, the conference has grown rapidly in recent years. In the event that the number of submitted abstracts exceeds our capacity estimates, OPAM will create a waitlist and make final decisions about acceptance of these waitlisted abstracts after we have confirmed our allowable poster space. In determining waitlisted submissions, we will consider scope, status of the presenter, and submission quality.

We are a non-profit organization, supported only by sponsorships. With the help of our sponsors, we aim to achieve another year of free registration. If you or your organization would like to help support OPAM, please consider making a contribution this year. Please visit our website www.opam.net or contact one of the organizers to learn how you can contribute. Sponsorships begin for as little as $175!

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about any of the above before submitting.

The 2016 OPAM organizers
Justin Ericson, Jennifer Bittner, Eric Taylor, & Emma Wu Dowd

P.S. As with published abstracts from other conferences, publishing your summary in Visual Cognition will not conflict with publication of the full-manuscript version of the research in another form in any journal. Indeed, in addition to publishing the talk summaries, Visual Cognition welcomes full-manuscript submissions of your talk for consideration for publication. However, it should be noted that it is not appropriate to simply make minor amendments to the summary published in Visual Cognition and submit it as a new brief-report manuscript to a different publication outlet, since doing so would constitute duplicate publication.


Изображение с сайта организаторов: http://www.opam.net/

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